New GAIQ – Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification Test Guide

Most of the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) certification test guides you will find online are wrong, that’s because Google Analytics (and the certification programme) have had several updates to the test over recent years and the majority of online guides are now inaccurate.

My previous test was taken back in 2011 (see certificate) and as such was very out of date . I recently decided to re-certify and whilst researching the new GAIQ I found a lot of out-of-date information. Some of which could very easily trip you up if you were not prepared…so I thought I’d write a quick blog post & hopefully save you some time…

Below I have outlined the most important FAQs and tips I found…

You Cannot Pause The GAIQ Test…

You will have 90 consecutive minutes to take the GAIQ test – you cannot pause it and come back at a later time/date. This is probably the most important thing you need to know because most (out-of-date) online guides advise you to pause regularly to check your answers and take a break. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE NOW.

You Will Have 70 Questions To Answer In 90 Minutes

With only 90mins to take the test and 70 questions you have just over 1 minute per question. I estimated it would take you nearly 30mins simply to read all 70 questions and answers…nevermind answer them.

So the reality is; on average it will take you approx 30 seconds to read each question…leaving you with around 45 seconds to think about it and select the right answer.

If you close your browser, loose internet connection or your computer crashes the clock will not stop – it keeps ticking; so be prepared!

You Must Answer Each Question In Order

You cannot review your questions and answers before submitting. You cannot mark questions to come back to at the end. You must complete them in order and cannot proceed to the next question until the previous one has been answered. You cannot edit or change your answers.

This, combined with the fixed timeframe, makes the test a bit tricky as you feel rather rushed & cannot re-check answers.

Other GAQI Test Information

  • The test is now free to take (as of 23rd September 2014)
  • You require 80% to pass and become certified
  • If you fail, you can re-take in 7 days
  • My test was all single-choice radio buttons
  • Radio buttons also included ‘all of’ or ‘none of’ type answers
  • I had a few questions that I felt should have been in an Adwords exam
  • Your certification remains valid for 18months after which you need to re-sit

How I Prepared For The Google Analytics IQ Test

It’s been several years since my last test (2011), for which I prepared extensively. I seem to remember a lot of ‘technical’ stuff; regular expressions and all…however this time it seemed a bit less techy.

What I Experienced In My GAIQ

During the test I had the following;

These were all ready incase I needed them, however I knew I would have very little time to use them.

I also had a scrap of paper with a table showing me where I wanted to be (my main concern was time!).


Probably over-preparation…but at a glance I knew if I was on schedule!

How It Went

It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be…and a lot more abstract/subjective. Unlike years ago, it seems the test is more geared towards an understanding rather than a deeper technical knowledge.


The time concerns do make you panic a bit – I ended up finishing more with 20 minutes remaining. Ideally I would have used these minutes to check the answers I was not so sure of…but this is not possible.  However 91% will have to do…which oddly enough was the same score I got back in 2011! View certificate.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification / GAIQ 2014

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification / GAIQ 2014

Do You Need To Study?

That depends on how much you know!

It’s one of those tests where you could get lucky and pass without study…however it could also be tricky even for very experienced practitioners (especially those where English is not fluent).

Is the new GAIQ test easier or harder than the old one?

From memory I think the questions in the older test were more difficult, but being able to pause as much as you like allowed you to take time to find/work-out the answer….so in that respect it was much easier.

Overall – it’s probably pretty similar.

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